For over 25 years, the PMH Technic team has been consulted in France and abroad for all types of maintenance and troubleshooting on helicopters or airplanes and aircrafts “Annex 1”.

Christian Morel

General Manager
Christian started his career with 5 years in Naval Aviation, he then acquired a varied experience with several companies all across France. He made numerous trips abroad as an avionics mechanic and technician.
In 2004 he took off to create PMH (Helicopter Maintenance Services) and went to assist other maintenance companies who called for his expertise and also on various missions (auto rallies, Terre Adélie, film shoots…).
In 2011, he founded PMH Technic and built a hangar at Gap-Tallard Aerodrome. He increased his activity and is now supported by 2 technicians specialized in their field.
The creation of a technical office strengthens the team following the obtaining of Part 145 certification no. FR.145.0733.

Pierre Danic

Avionics Technician
Pierre arrived at PMH Technic in 2012. He began his training in Morlaix with a Professional Avionics Bachelor's Degree. He continued his academic training by completing an additional B2 at Cruseilles.
He provides maintenance services for avionics systems (modification, repair and installation), tests of the on-board radio installation and work on the electrical equipments.

Nils Couloumy

Technical Office Agent
Originally from the Hautes Alpes, Nils went to Montpellier from 2013 to 2015 to pass his BTS degree.
In 2016-2017, he completed his training with a professional aeronautical license. Currently in the technical office, he is responsible for the creation, monitoring and closing of PART 145 files.
He also ensures the airworthiness monitoring of the helicopters that are in maintenance at PMH Technic.

Sylvie Pottier

In touch with the aviation community since 1990, Sylvie has been involved in PMH Technic since its creation. She participates in the development of the company and performs various administrative and secretarial tasks.
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